How to trade on binary options with 14 on 19 August 2017 year
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In order to know how to trade on binary options, you need to know what is happening with the main market instruments. This is the information for the upcoming week that we have prepared for you. Read the analytics on the main market instruments and plan your mid-term deals on binary options. All analytics is provided free of charge and without SMS.

How to trade on binary options with the British pound

The English currency for the past week was in an unstable position.

The British currency was negatively influenced by several factors simultaneously:

  1. Lowering the difference between the value of exports and the value of imports.
  2. Recession of the scale of construction.
  3. The decline in the estimate of GDP growth to 0,2%.

In consequence of this we see that:

  • GBP / CHF for 7 days dropped to 200 points,
  • GBP \ JPY - 300 points,
  • GBP \ USD - 100 points, and this is against the backdrop of the complex situation between North Korea and the United States.

This political confrontation, in turn, had an impact on the increased need for shelter tools.

Therefore, significantly increased:

  • Gold.
  • Swiss frank.
  • The Japanese Yen.

The period 14 - 20 August will also be full of events that will affect the price of the pound sterling.

The lion's share of expert indicators indicate a fairly high probability of continuing the fall of the "British". And in the event that economic indicators do not help the pound, the forecast for further weakening of the pound becomes the most likely.

How to trade on binary options with the British pound

How to trade on binary options for oil

Oil for the past 7 days showed an intensive decline. Despite the meeting of the OPEC oil ministers in the UAE and their efforts to reach an agreement and follow the implementation of past commitments, investors obviously lost faith in the possibility of this meeting to entail an increase in the cost of black gold. Even the decline in the reserves of crude oil in America failed to entail a rise in value. Therefore, immediately after a small increase, oil began an even faster decline.

Technical data are quite ambiguous. However, they show a significant possibility of lowering the value of black gold to $ 47,89 and $ 47,18. Following this, it is likely that the uptrend will recover to $ 50 or $ 52 per barrel unit. In order for such a scenario to come from Saudi Arabia, some activity is required. By the way, it has already started to manifest itself.

How to trade on binary options for oil

How to trade on binary options for gold

As expected, "yellow metal" for the past 7 days has significantly risen in price. One of the reasons for this was the intensification of the confrontation between North Korea and the United States. Staying on top for two months, the gold, after all, did not exceed the important figure of $ 1300 per troy ounce.

There is a high probability that a serious struggle between bears and bulls for dominance in the market will unfold near this most important indicator. However, the geopolitical environment gives players little room for maneuver. This is because most experts, even at the output to the value of $ 1300, advise investors to contribute from 5% to 15% of the state to this asset. It is unlikely that the urgency generated by the speech of the US President will subside next week. However, it is not a secret to anyone that “they are waiting for the promised 3 of the year”.
It is more likely that gold will fall in value, which, from a technical point of view, is evidenced by the creation of the figure "triple top". Provided that the countries of the opponents start acting, the probability of exceeding the index of $ 1300 and the subsequent growth of gold are most expected.

How to trade on binary options for gold

How to trade on binary options on EUR / USD pair

The American "ruble" for the past 7 days demonstrated the desire to break out of the two-week interval by trying to overcome the psychological barrier of 1.17. However, at the end of the week, after the announcement of the CPI report, the dollar collapsed. The consumer price index in the States increased by 0.1% last month, as well as in June. But the growth rate did not rise against the scenarios of analysts in 0.2% remained at the level of 0.1%.

Even in spite of what is happening, the European currency could not break the 1,18 limit. Apparently, the bulls do not have enough strength for this. And despite the uncertainty of investors in the US economy, the willingness to transfer savings to the US currency at the moment stops due to the unstable political situation.

From the standpoint of technical research, the currency tandem is located in the corridor 1.18-1.17, from which it is necessary to choose the most profitable entry points.

How to trade on binary options on EUR / USD pair

Well, now you know how to trade on binary options for the most popular asset the next week. Use the brokers from our TOP and analytics and earn. Then it's up to you!