Strategy 3 candles for binary options
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Strategy 3 candles

Russian traders have long opted for the niche of binary options and are consistently earning them. Trade in short-term contracts on the basis of exchange-traded assets is easy to master and is capable of yielding a good profit even with a modest initial deposit.

Binary options how to trade

The deal on binary options opens very easily - to begin with, you should select the platform of one of the brokers and register there. Next, you need to determine the asset for trading and immediately identify for yourself the amount for investment. Another parameter is the time of the asset, following which the trader will profit (in case of a correct forecast) or lose the investment.
Traders from Russia can realize their talent on the site of Binarium, a broker specially created for domestic investors.

Binary options where to start

It is not necessary to invest large sums immediately. You can limit yourself and a small deposit, on the Binary it starts with 10 dollars. By making any money for the balance, the trader becomes an important client for the broker - he is provided with a trading terminal and an effective training course from the company's full-time specialists.

Strategy 3 candles for binary options

Everyone knows that the key to success is a systematic approach to trading. It means bank management and the use of trading strategies. One of the most effective for beginners is the "Three Candles" strategy. Let's consider it in more detail.

Immediately it becomes clear that to trade on this system requires a candle chart. It is available in the "graph type" section at the bottom of the terminal. Our task is to find a signal that consists of three candles in a row of the same color. They can be used to judge whether a reversal will occur on the chart or not.

Signals of the 3 candle strategy for binary options

The very strategy is very simple. Its signals are interpreted as follows:

  • three consecutive green candles are signaling the purchase of an option UP
  • three red candles indicate that it is necessary to conclude a deal DOWN

We will analyze the situation when, according to our strategy you need to open a deal UP:

Signals of the 3 candle strategy for binary options deal up

Then the reverse signal that the rate is downward, and we must open a deal DOWN

Signals of the 3 candle strategy for binary options deal up

How to avoid false signals in the 3 candle strategy

An important factor is the size of the candles and their shadows. A shadow is a line under or above a candlestick. What you need to remember to avoid false signals:

  1. The last, the third candle should not be much smaller than the previous ones.
  2. The large size of the candles indicates a sharp price change, which is fraught with stabilization in the opposite direction, which means that it is better to ignore such signals.
  3. The same applies to the length of the shadows, the smaller they are, the better for us.
  4. Long shadows, especially if their size is comparable to the size of the body of a candle or more than it - is a sign that it is better to wait for the next pattern.

Over time, you can independently filter signals, concluding more profitable trades. Good luck!

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